You must show all steps and provide any evidence needed in your solution to receive full credit.4. The company is building a scale model of the theater’s main show tank for an investor's presentation. Each dimension will be made one eight of the original dimension to accommodate the mock-up in the presentation room. What is the volume of the smaller mock-up tank?5. Using the information from #4, answer the following question by filling in the blank: The volume of the original main show tank is ____% of the mock-up of the tank.

Accepted Solution

Answer:4) Volume model = 1723 ft³5) The percentage of the original tank is 51200% of the mock-upStep-by-step explanation:4) ∵ The volume of the main tank is 882,158 ft³∵ The dimension of the scale model is 1/8 of the original model∵ V model/v original = (dimension model/dimension original)³∴ Volume model/882,158 = (1/8)³∴ Volume model = (1/512) × 882,158 = 1722.965 = 1723 ft³5) The percentage of the original tank is     (882158/1722.965) × 100% = 51200%