-i need at least one of them answered to get the point-1. In this hanger, the weight of the triangle is x and the weight of the square is ya. Write an equation using x and y torepresent the hangerb. if x is 6, what is y​

Accepted Solution

Answer:a. Hanger represent Equation [tex]3x-2y=0[/tex]b. x = 6 and y = 9Step-by-step explanation:Given:Weight of triangle is xWeight of Square is ya.Now according to figure shown which represents the hanger[tex]x+3y=4x+y[/tex]Equating this equation we get,[tex]4x-x+y-3y=0\\3x-2y=0[/tex]∴Hanger represent equation [tex]3x-2y=0[/tex]b. Now given x=6Substituting the value of x in above equation we get,[tex]3\times6-2y=0\\18-2y=0\\2y=18\\y=\frac{18}{2}=9[/tex]Hence x=6 and y=9