an office worker earns R6400 per month. his monthly expenses are 1/5 for rent , 2/7 for car payment, 1/6 for insurance, 1/3 for other monthly living expenses and the rest he deposits into a savings account. how much does he save per month?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The officer saves $91.45 per month~Step-by-step explanation~Ok this is how I do fractions and its not very good, but it works.First I divided 6400 by 5, 6, and 7, (I didn't do 3 because you can just multiply the answer to 6 by 2.) the reason I divided these is to see how much 1 part of their fraction is worth. So in total I got Β 1066.66 (irrational number) for insurance which means I got 2133.32 for his monthly living ( had to multiply by 2). For his car payment I got 1828.57 (I divided and then multiplied by 2) and for his rent I got 1280. I added these all together to get the total he spends each month which was 6308.55, and I subtracted that from 6400 to figure out that he puts $91.45 in his savings account