3. You sell storm windows and doors. You receive a straightcommission of 8% of the selling price of each storm windowand 12% of the selling price of each door. What totalcommission will you receive for selling storm windowsworth $5,400 and doors worth $28,790?

Accepted Solution

Answer:You receive: $3,886.80Total commission: nearly 11%Step-by-step explanation:Windows:Commission = 8% or 0.08 as decimalSold = $5,400You receive:[tex]\$5,400\cdot 0.08=\$432[/tex]Doors:Commission = 12% or 0.12 as decimalSold = $28,790You receive:[tex]\$28,790\cdot 0.12=\$3,454.80[/tex]Total:You receive:[tex]\$432+\$3,454.80=\$3,886.80[/tex]Windows and doors:[tex]\$5,400+\$28,790=\$34,190[/tex]Commission:[tex]\dfrac{3,886.80}{34,190}\cdot 100\%\approx 11\%[/tex]