Mixed & Multi-Fuel Engine Program

LEAP Ahead Technologies
Low Emission Advance Power

XRDi is a technology leader in the development and implementation of low emission advanced power solutions for the global small engine and power generation markets.  

XRDi designs, using the patented MCDI technology, have already met heavy fuel engine requirements including:


Operation on a variety of fuels with no recalibration (Bio-diesel, Ethanol, JP5, JP8, Jet A, diesel, gasoline)


Cold start demonstrated at -30 °C (with no aids)


BSFC of  < .48 lb/hp-hr at cruise


Operation demonstrated at 26,000 ft density altitude

XRDi leverages its unique human resources to deliver innovative solutions for the world's increasing need for clean power. XRDi’s strategic and competitive advantages uniquely position the Company to capitalize on the opportunities presented given its proven technology and its “bolt-on” capability, coupled  with its ability to scale and interchange within the “family of engines”. 

MCDI Atomization


The Mechanically Compressed Direct Injection (MCDI) system combines air and fuel using a small compressor that is attached to each cylinder and injects the mixture into the combustion chamber through a delivery valve which finely atomizes the liquid to allow low evaporation types of fuels to ignite even at low temperatures. The MCDI system also provides a high level of stratification of the charge through the delivery valve mechanism to eliminate detonation.




Technology Advantages


Multi-fuel capability

Power/Weight ratio of  >1 hp/lb

BSFC <.48 lb/hp-hr at cruise

Operating Temperature Range -30 °C to +60 °C (tested)

Scalable technology

Low emissions

No special maintenance procedures




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