Your Pollution & Carbon Footprint

Pollution & Carbon credits enable individuals and businesses to reduce or eliminate their “pollution & carbon footprint”. Your pollution & carbon footprint is the direct effect your actions and lifestyle have on the environment in terms of nitrogen oxides & carbon dioxide emissions. 


An average driver in the USA produces ~ over 24 pounds of nitrogen oxides & 4 tons of CO2 every year just by breathing and driving around in a normal car or truck.  With a US driving population of 200 million people, this equals a total of over 24 million tons of nitrogen oxides & 800 million tons of CO2 emissions every year.


Laser Spark Plugs offer an economical way to cut pollution by an order of magnitude & CO2 emissions nearly in half! Laser Spark Plugs, Inc. is able to offer the highest value and return on investment for your pollution & carbon offset dollar!  DO MORE GOOD FOR LESS $!


On the world stage, Laser Spark Plugs save even more.  800 million drivers on earth produce 96 million tons of pollution & 3.2 billion tons of CO2 every year.  So…..we may provide a…….

Total World Wide Savings
 ~ 24 million tons of NOx every year
~ 1.44 billion tons of CO2 every year!

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